Welcome, here you will find the right glass for every occasion.

Here, the liquid glass is still blown by the old tradition with the mouth & shaped by hand.

The most beautiful

for me, of course, it is my job to freely form beautiful objects out of a raw liquid mass with my hands. You have to imagine an important approach: glass is about 70% quartz sand. And quartz sand is nothing but stones eroded by erosion! Now look around, our whole planet is made up of sand & stones ... now look on, leave our world.

In every solar system,

in every galaxy, indeed in the whole universe, we find this main building block for planets, moons, nebulae etc .. So glass is nothing more than STARDUST, which we glassmakers can form for you and hold on to eternity. We all know that glass does not rot, does not wear off & can last for thousands of years... unless..., it breaks ... .

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